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Split Phase AC Motor

Split Phase AC Motor
Split Phase AC Motor
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Product Code : 69015
Brand Name : Tesca
Product Description

These motors belong to the Single phase motor family, but these do not have capacitors to provide the initial turning effect, and hence have a very low starting torque.

This Model is the Industrial/Educational model suitable for demonstrating to students the complete know of the Basics, Starting method, Winding study, Study of Speed-Torque, Study of Efficiency & Maintenance of these motors packaged in small rating.

Students can make connections of their own with the help of the terminations provided.

Technical Specs :
Power ratings available : 1KW / 2KW
Voltage Input: 230V AC 1Phase 50Hz
1500 rpm, TEFC, B3, IP44, IC01, Class-B, S1, Single /Double shaft extension

List Of Experiments
1) Starting by DOL Starter
2) Starting by reduced voltage starter.
3) Load test & No load test of machine
4) Speed-Torque Analysis
5) Voltage-Speed Analysis
6) Efficiency Analysis
7) Blocked rotor test
8) Cold Resistance & Hot Resistance
9) Motor Operation parameters
10) Basic Overhauling Know how