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Home Automation Electrical Wiring Trainer

Home Automation Electrical Wiring Trainer
Home Automation Electrical Wiring Trainer
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Product Code : 46586
Brand Name : Tesca
Product Description

Home Automation Electrical Wiring Trainer

It is the basic training course tutor in electrical technology. The training system consists of various electrical components used in home automation and wiring technology. Provision to interconnect individual component with safe terminals on facia. Consists variety of Electrical Safety protection devices and up to moderate Video Door Phone and Interphone devices.

Features :

  • Demo of various tones/ functions like Dial, busy, ring tones & functions like Trunk dial, Redial, call receive, call pickup, call hold, call forward, call forward cancel, Automatic call back,call conference, call Transfer, Barge in & direct trunk access etc. 230VAC, 50VA mains operation
  • Shock proof safety Banana Terminals & patch cords for inter connections & operations
  • MS fabricated powder painted control panel
  • Poly carbonate/Venyl front facia with precision machined back support

Technical Specifications :

(1) Two pole incoming mains switch socket with fuse protection and self illumination : 230VAC @ 6A

(2) Short circuit Protector : 230VAC @ 6A

(3) Earth leakage circuit breaker : 230VAC @ 100Ma earth fault / leakage current

(4) Watt Hour Meter : Digital display of V, I, COS Ô, KWHa & KWHr

(5) Distribution module : L, N, E safety Terminals

(6) Expansion Module : Provision to multiply the connection point

(7) Mains outlet module : 230VAC @ 5A & 16A 2 pin socket - 1 no, 3 pin mains sockets - 2 nos & 3 pin power sockets -2nos

(8) House wiring : Rocker switch 4 nos , 2way switch : 2nos

(9) Lamps and sockets : 15,40,60,100 Watts with 4 sockets, 1Ft Fluorescent Tubes : 1 no

(10) Relay Module: Time delay Relay : programmable time delay 30/60Sec on delay 230Vac

(11) Electric Heater: 1KW immersion coil, Induction/ Electric Pan: 1KW, Temp 250oc

(12) Step down transformer : 15VAC @ 1A

(13) Push buttons & Latching Switch : Push to on and Push to off

(14) 6 way Selector switch: 230VAC @ 5A

(15) Eye day light module : LDR/ Infra red day light switch with sensor, Sensitivity adjustment, LED annunciation & 1c/o Relay,

(16) Fire, Smoke sensing module : Temp and smoke sensing with LED annunciation, Fire acknowledge and reset, 1contact

(17) Gas leak sensing module : Gas sensing with sensor, Sensitivity adjustment, LED annunciation & 1c/o Relay,

(18) Home door video : LCD color video door phone, hands free & door bell module

(19) Interphone Module : 1 x 4 Intercom with RJ connectors on plug sockets, Pulse & Tone dialing, Cross point space division technology, 64KEEPROM, loop resistance : Extension- 600W, Co-line 1200W, Cross talk attenuation >70dBm

(20) Buzzer : 1 No.