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Function Generator Trainer

Function Generator Trainer
Function Generator Trainer
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Product Code : 10915
Brand Name : Tesca
Product Description

The “Function Generator Trainer ” is a versatile training kit for Electrical and Electronics Laboratories. It is designed to explain the fundamentals of Signal Generation. A Function Generator is a product that can produce various patterns of Voltage at a variety of Frequencies and Amplitudes. This Function Generator Trainer allows students to produce the different waveforms and to understand the concept of their generation.

Features :

  • A low cost trainer demonstrating all basic concepts of Function Generator
  • Exclusive presentation and easy illustration of each block
  • Designed considering all safety standards
  • Low sine wave distortion
  • Low variation with temperature
  • Fault creation and troubleshooting
  • Onboard Frequency range display
  • Provided with elaborated operating manual

Technical Specifications :

Frequency Ranges : Selectable
1 Hz to 10 Hz
10 Hz to 100 Hz
100 Hz to 1 KHz
1 KHz to 10 KHz
10 KHz to 100 KHz
Sine Wave Generation : By Wave Shaping Circuit
Switched Faults : 4 Nos.
Fuse : 350 mA, slow blow
Power Supply : Max 230V AC, 50 Hz ±10%

List of Experiments :

  • Study of Electrical Waveforms generated by Function Generator.
  • Study of Triangular Waveform Generation.
  • Study of Sinusoidal Waveform Generation.
  • Study of Square Waveform Generation.
  • Study of Duty Cycle of Square Waveform.
  • Study of TTL Waveform Generation.
  • To create and identify different faults in the circuit and study their troubleshooting methods.