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Doppler Radar Training System

Doppler Radar Training System
Doppler Radar Training System
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Product Code : 10205
Brand Name : Tesca
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  • 1 Piece
  • Price
  • 116000.00 INR
Product Description


* Demonstrates the principle of Doppler shift of reflected electro magnetic wave from a moving object
* Speed, rotation, level control, contact less vibration measurement
* Observation and measurements with software
* Microwave operation
* High gain Parabolic antenna provided for narrow beamwidth and clutter reduction.
* PC based oscilloscope provided
* FFT with cursor measurement


Technical Specifications
Microwave Transceiver:

  • Type : MMIC transciever with parabolic dish antenna
  • Antenna Size : 25cm dia with f/d 0.25
  • Frequency : Microwave DRO stabilized
  • Output Level : 0 dBm typical
  • Sensitivity : -70dBm typical
  • Output : PC Compatible
  • Power Supply: 100-240V, 47-63 Hz

Display : Responsive real-time up to 50 fps refresh
Bandwidth : 10 Hz - 20 kHz, AC coupling
Timebase : 10 us - 5 s
ADC : 8-bit and 16-bit acquisition
Sampling : 11 kHz to 44 kHz rate
FFT : Amplitude and/or phase System
PC required : Windows® 7 or 8 sound card,(Not supplied)
Data export : Raw data export as WAV file
Screenshot : Saved in BMP and EMF formats
Visible trace : can be saved as text file

Function : Copy-paste for screenshots or data files - Printing,
Triggering : Adjustable trigger level, slope, and delay
Pretrigger : View - Single shot triggering mode Measure : On screen - Two cursors set by left and right click - Voltage and time
difference readout - Direct frequency readout


Radar Jammer cum Moving Target Emulator:
Range : 0 to 1000km/hr


List of experiments:
* To investigate the fundamental concepts of Doppler radar
* To setup radar and tune it for best performance
* To measure speed of a fan
* To detect the presence of a hidden Time Bomb with the help of a Doppler radar
* To find out the Time period and frequency of a moving Pendulum for different lengths
* To actuate the opening of a door, Traffic signal, Intrusion alarm etc. with the help of a radar
* To measure the units of items being produced in an assembly line production unit
* To determine the presence of moving plasma from one electrode to other in a Tube light
* To detect the presence of transformer hum and find its frequency
* To measure the variable speeds of moving objects using Velocity simulator
* Calibration of Doppler radar using tuning fork
* To study the reflective, absorptive and transmissive properties of materials using radar and velocity simulator
* To find the speed of a moving object with Doppler radar from different angles
* To find the speed of a moving object approaching or receding away from radar from different-different angles
* To estimate the size of a moving objects using Radar
* To find out the presence of a Pedestrian and manage Traffic till he walks away
* To find out the presence of an aero plane with the rotation of the turbine of its engine as used by Air Force
* To study the use of radar in detecting respiration and heart beating
* Study of climatic conditions of atmosphere cyclones, Clouds, tornado using a Doppler radar


* Tuning Fork, Buzzer, Turbine Fan, Pendulum