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DC Machine Lab II

DC Machine Lab II
DC Machine Lab II
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Product Code : 46509
Brand Name : Tesca
Product Description

DC Machine Lab-II is an important system for the Electrical laboratories. It is DC Machine Lab-II that provides comprehensive learning of functioning of a DC Motor. It can aptly be employed for performing various exercises like Motor Starting, Speed Control, N-I Characteristics etc. Thus the trainer makes the subject understanding complete.

  • DC Shunt Motor
  • Mechanical Loading arrangement
  • Exclusive and rugged designed panel
  • Stand alone operation
  • Designed by considering all the safety precautions
  • High quality meters
  • Diagrammatic representation for the ease of connections
  • Provided with an extensive e-manual
  • 2 Years warranty

Technical Specifications
Input : 180 V Fixed DC
           0-180 V Variable DC
DC Machine
Type : DC Shunt
Rating : ½ HP
RPM : 1400 (No Load)
Meters used
Voltmeter (MC) : 300 V
Ammeter (MC) : 1 A
Ammeter (MC) : 5 A
Dimensions (mm.) : 350 W ´ 600 D ´ 450 H (Panel)
                            : 250 W ´ 400 D ´ 600 H (Motor)

Scope of Learning

  • Speed Control of DC Shunt Motor by Field and Armature current variation.
  • Load Characteristics of DC Shunt Motor.
  • N-I Characteristics of DC Shunt Motor.
  • N-V Characteristics of DC Shunt Motor.
  • Study of self excited DC Shunt Motor.