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8031/51 Microprocessor Trainer (LCD)

8031/51 Microprocessor Trainer (LCD)
8031/51 Microprocessor Trainer (LCD)
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Product Code : 43711
Brand Name : Tesca
Product Description


  1. Intel 80C51 Microcontroller Operating at 12MHz
  2. 32KB on board Program Memory
  3. 12KB Battery backed up user Program Memory
  4. 16KB Battery backed up User Data Memory
  5. 40 characters x 2 Lines LCD Display
  6. IBM Compatible ASCII Keyboard
  7. 8253 Timer/counter chip. Two Channels available to user
  8. 48 TTL I/O Lines using two 8255 PPI chips and all signal terminated on two 26 pin FRC (PIO card compatible) 9. RS232 compatible Serial port using 8250, signals terminated on
  9. pin D-type connector
  10. Study card support on 50 pin FRC connector
  11. Inbuilt specially designed 230v AC input Switch mode power supply
  12. Powerful monitor software with standard commands like move, fill, display/modify memory/registers, execute program, upload /  download etc
  13. Single line assembler / dis-assembler
  14. Serial mode for using the kit with terminal
  15. Attractive Metallic enclosure and Operational Manuals